About Jody

My love of photography really started to evole after the birth of my second child and has continued to grow now that I am on my forth. There is such beauty in a child and as they grow.... And I dont ever want to forget the things that have made me so happy in my life. .

I am a daughter, granddaugher, mother, wife, sister and best friend, all of whom I am the most fortunate to be. My family knows just how passionate I am about my photography, as I have the loving and unending support of them.

I love to capture the love others have for their children and families, and to preserve moments in time that will last for years to come. As I move forward with this venture of my life, I look forward to serving others with those thoughts in mind..... My goal is to capture you and your family as you are ~ your looks, your style, your emotions. This means I want you to come to your session ready to "be you." I want to capture the memories that define you....